How to Get Involved with Springfield Area Parent Child Center

The Springfield Area Parent Child Center (SAPCC), which is located in North Springfield, Vermont, is a nonprofit organization running a dedicated community center since 1992. It focuses on educating and supporting pregnant women and families of young children. As part of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network, the SAPCC believes that raising children plays a crucial role in the society; and doing so is a tough job that could use all the help available in the community.

Some of the organization’s main sponsors include Citizens Bank, TD Bank Foundation, and The Holt Fund. There are also numerous ways for you to help the SAPCC.

What are the services and programs available?

From a small community center on Myrtle Street in the early 1990s, the SAPCC has grown to become one of Vermont’s most valuable community centers that are currently situated at Main Street. Consequently, it has developed a wide array of services and programs that seek to nurture the families of Vermont.

These support services include the following:

  • Childcare support
  • Children’s integrated services (early intervention, family support, and nursing)
  • Community partnerships
  • Early care and education
  • Home visits
  • Job trainings
  • On-site adult education
  • Outreach activities
  • Parent education and support
  • Playgroups

How to get involved?

You can help the SAPCC carry out its mission through various opportunities. These are as follows:

Financial Support

The easiest way you could offer help to the organization is through monetary donations. You can mail them to SAPCC, 6 Main Street, North Springfield, Vermont 05150. For inquiries, you may also call 802-886-5542 or visit its official website.

Volunteer Work

If you are a concerned citizen who wishes to take part in the mission on a more meaningful level, you can do volunteer work. Every now and then, the SAPCC is in need of volunteers who can spare their time in helping conduct activities and programs at and for the community center.

Giving Opportunities

There are also many rewarding options for bigger profit organizations or well-off individuals who wish to help the SAPCC. These include the following:

Bequest Gift

This allows the sponsor to include a chosen non-profit organization in his or her will.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This allows a sponsor to choose a non-profit organization that will inherit the remaining property under his or her trust after his or her lifetime.

Life Income Gift

This allows the sponsor to transfer some of his or her assets to a chosen non-profit organization. These assets will be used by the recipient in carrying out its mission. In return, the sponsor or his or her declared beneficiaries are compensated during the rest of his or her lifetime.

Life Insurance Gift

This allows a sponsor to donate an unused life insurance purchased a long time ago to a chosen non-profit organization.



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